What's in store for 2023?


Our focus is going to be on leadership and mind over matter. We are collaborating with incredible businesses to bring you heart-centred leadership and push you outside of your comfort zone. 

As with any of our retreats, we have very limited spaces available.  

Equine & Soul Connection Retreat and Transformational Program

Beach Huts, Middleton, SA
20-22 October 2023

Activate untapped potential through the powerful connection between horses and humans

Do you want to gain clarity about your gifts and talents, re-establish or deepen the connection with yourself and open doors to living a life honouring your powerful potential? Are you ready to have a more powerful yet nurturing presence in business and personal life?

Throughout one weekend, we will be experiencing the positive impacts of the connection to ourselves through Equine Facilitated Learning, yoga, mindfulness and sound healing.

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Alice has a magnetic and grounding presence that draws people in and creates space for genuine ease and connection, and growth.

Nicola Lipscombe

Waverley Estate, Port Elliot, SA 
10-12 November 2023

Our breath connects us; to ourselves, to others, to nature, to life.

Learning to consciously control our breath is one of life’s most powerful biohacks. It can instantly alter your mood, help you concentrate better, lower your stress, increase your energy and rebalance your immune system.

Breathwork also offers a path to expand our self-awareness and facilitate deep personal transformation.

Join us at Waverley Estate, where we will be exploring and experiencing the positive impacts of mindfulnessbreathworkcold therapy, sound healing and yoga. At the end of the weekend, you will feel rejuvenated and clear, and you will take with you the knowledge on how to incorporate these tools into your everyday life.  

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Allow yourself to unplug from the busyness of your life and find a deeper connection with your values and purpose.


Prioritising self-care, to find that inner connection again is important to fulfil us as human beings. Because when we are fulfilled, we can show up differently in the world, with our partners and children, at work and with ourselves.

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