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Hi, I’m Alice! As the Director and Founder of Retreat a Little I have a bold vision. What would happen if every woman knew what her purpose was and lived truly and uniquely according to her personal values? 

I am Alice, the Founder and Director of Retreat a Little. From very humble beginnings in East Germany, I had a perfect life and all the security and stability of someone having a 21-year corporate career in healthcare. A history of working for some of the best companies in pharma and medical devices, both here and overseas. I worked my way up, from team assistant to running events in Sydney, New York, Zurich and Mexico City and eventually moving to Australia in 2006.

My husband worked as a FIFO Fitter, I worked full-time in product management whilst also finishing a Bachelor of Business. We lived in Sydney, we earned the big dollars, but it nearly broke us. That's when we made the decision to leave behind the heels and suits for an adult gap year, travelling around Australia in our 4WD and getting back to basics. A little seed was planted then and there, as I realized there was more to living than merely surviving. But it seemed that I didn't learn all my lessons then and went back to healthcare and big corporate.

It took an autoimmune disease diagnosis, a global pandemic and a personal crisis, which set some major personal life transitions into motion. A breakdown led to a big breakthrough and a redundancy in April 2021 was the final reason and the very thing that helped me start Retreat a Little.

Today, I am sharing my story to inspire people like you to follow your unique path, to identify your personal values and to allow you to live a fuller life, even if that means starting over. My passion for personal development, healthy living and my sense of adventure has motivated me to curate bespoke wellbeing retreats, virtual mini retreats and personalised coaching as a path towards living more authentically. In everything that we do, we work with the best people in wellness to support your well-being journey and give you a chance to recharge. Because if I can do it, everyone can do it.

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