How disconnecting from the world can help you become a better version of yourself.

burnout business connection employment great resignation mentalhealth May 10, 2022

When I started disconnecting from the world and slowing down regularly, this is what happened:

  • I connected back to myself and started hearing my inner voice and intuition again
  • I was able to get in tune with my body, recognising when it was asking for certain foods, relaxation or movement
  • My battery recharged, and I became more productive, more creative and more balanced
  • I didn't force myself to work on days when I had lows and was processing "stuff"
  • I became a better version of myself

I concluded that we are not designed to hustle at the rate we are asked to perform.

When we don't regulate our nervous system regularly, we are not present with the people around us and with ourselves, so how are we supposed to lead teams effectively and come up with solutions to problems when we are constantly under the pump and stressed?

It's all about energy management rather than time management, and HBR published an article back in 2007 about the topic. 

The way we are continuing to work isn't working!

I would like you to ask yourself, wow can you create mini-breaks for yourself, where you disconnect without jumping on your phone, take care of the kids, or do something else to keep you "busy"? Can you even go for a walk without listening to a podcast or speaking to a colleague? 

Photo: Waverley Estate, Port Elliot and where I am heading on Thursday to host a Mind & Body Connection Retreat.