Is the great resignation wave coming to Australia?

burnout business comfort zone employment great resignation personal values Oct 26, 2021
Woman in Business

One of the big questions on everyone's mind is, is the great resignation wave coming to Australia? 

My personal opinion is, that it is going to hit us in 2022. Sydney and Melbourne are slowly coming out of lockdown and once the "new normal" has set in and the year is ticking over, we will see this wave hitting our shores. 

For many people, December brings a time of reflection on what has worked and what needs changing. Return to office policies are slowly starting to be introduced, which will be an early indication of how much businesses have pivoted towards flexible work arrangements and the need to be in a physical office. Some businesses have decided not to renew their lease in the cities, which is going to have an impact on those large business precincts and the small businesses around that area, but that's a completely different topic. 

Whilst working from home came with its own set of challenges (I am not even going to talk about homeschooling because that was absolutely crazy) it also came with flexibility. For some people there was more time in the day, because there was no long commute to and from the office, which allowed for walks along the beach in the morning and perhaps even putting the slow cooker on for a delicious dinner. Many of us missed having our colleagues around and problem-solving as a team required a bit more planning rather than just having a cup of tea in the communal area. But overall, it opened us up to a whole new way of being. 

Ask yourself the question, which team members did I actually miss and what is it about this company that gets me excited and out of bed each morning? Are you excited about the cause, the products or the people? 

But what if the last few months have shown you that your excitement has vanished? Perhaps the end of 2021 will give you a great opportunity to reflect on your personal values and the values of the company that you are currently working for. Are you still passionate about what you do,  or is it time to shake things up a bit? 

If there is one thing that has come out of the last few months, it's the fact that life is precious and that time should not be wasted. How much more depleted are you because work is draining rather than fueling you? Are you in a constant fight, flight or freeze response, due to the demands of your job?

There will always be tough times in every job, but you will be able to get through that time much better if you are in full alignment with what you do. 

The great resignation wave will open up jobs and new opportunities. Opportunities to renegotiate employment terms, salaries, packages etc. Use this time wisely, because companies will be more likely to add additional bonuses into packages that previously didn't exist. During the negotiations, be clear on your must-haves and walk away if those terms are not met. If your dream job only exists in another city and there would be an opportunity to do the work remotely, apply anyways and show how you are the perfect fit. If a company wants talent, they will make it work even if you are not in the same state. 

Many new and exciting businesses are going to come from this great resignation wave, find something that sets your heart on fire. You would be surprised about some of the businesses that do exist and that actually have their employees wellbeing as a top priority. 

If you are unsure about your personal values or your next bold move, it's time to retreat a little and start doing that inner work. Grab that journal and start writing down your dreams and ambitions. Once you are clear on what you want, take the time to review your LinkedIn profile, start publishing articles and make yourself be seen and get ready to make a bold move in 2022. 

There has never been a better time to get what you truly desire.