Flourishing Ladies


16th October 2022, Zest Point Piper

12 - 5 pm

Our mission is to empower women
to flourish with financial freedom 
and fulfillment.

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After the massive success of our Flourishing Dinner Event series, Julia Scott, Sonia Bestulic and I have put together a series of events for women ready to move to the next level.

Julia Scott


Sonia Bestulic

Flourish for Mums

Alice Schaefer

Retreat a Little

Now is the best time to start giving yourself permission to take the steps towards defining what it is that you would like to build for yourself, whilst establishing financial freedom along the way.  

After our hugely successful debut events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we have put together a series of events for women ready to move to the next level. 


Sonia, Julia and Alice are three inspirational entrepreneurs who have come together for this exclusive event, gifting you their combined knowledge, which spans across purpose, fulfillment, flourishing and financial freedom. 


By joining this event, you will start giving yourself permission to put the focus back on yourself, fostering your own inner connection.  

You will receive practical tools and strategies for immediate implementation, spanning across the identification of your purpose, your flourishing self-care routine and wealth creation.  

At the same time, you have the opportunity to connect with like-minded authentic women, ready to celebrate your journey.  

You will leave this event, feeling empowered, inspired and energized, transforming you to live an enriched life full of personal fulfillment.  

 About us: 

Sonia from Flourish for Mums, Julia from Love Luck Wealth and Alice from Retreat a Little all share a strong purpose and mission…
To empower women to experience a deeply liberating connection with themselves; and create a truly thriving and prosperous way of living. They are all Flourishing Ladies… ready to inspire and energise women throughout the world to embrace their flourishing journey.

Testimonial - Stephanie Rodriguez


During our workshop, Alice gifts women with the courage and powerful tools they need, to step into their best life, on their own terms; and by their own design.

Julia helps women eliminate fear, uncover money blocks and empowers them to set themselves up for massive financial success the feminine way.

Sonia gifts you an incredible experience of both head and heart; planting sacred seeds of self-care; whilst sharing simple, yet powerful ways to nourish and nurture your personal pathway to flourishing.  


Sunday, 16th October 2022  

  1. Connect back to yourself, gain clarity and start living a life full of intentions and alignment.
  2. Get a basic understanding of who you are and how you interact with the outside world.
  3. Discover your money personality profile. 
  4. Re-write your personal money story and open your mind to financial confidence.
  5. Learn unique tools to re-establish your energetic money flow.
  6. Dive into exploring your current self-care blueprint. 
  7. Dismantle deep-seated obstacles to achieving fulfillment and meaning in life. 
  8. Re-engage with long-forgotten aspects of your authentic self (this is a deeply moving experience). 
  9. Learn powerful daily tools and strategies to maintain you in your ‘genius of flourishing balance’. 
  10. Reconnect and re-energise; with a renewed and heightened sense of self.


This is an intimate, high-end lunch and transformative workshop for successful women who are ready to move to the next level. Places are limited.


(until 15 June)


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At the check-out, payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card. The cost of the event covers all workshops, food, beverages and connecting with others. 

Is now the right time for you to take action?

It depends… would you still like to be in the same position this time next year, and the year after that? There is no such thing as the perfect time for an event like this. Your head may come up with reasons, excuses and obstacles. What if you listened to your HEART? Your heart is always right. It’s quieter, but it’s powerful.



All those women you admire and aspire to be like. What you’re attracted to is their sense of authenticity and freedom to be themselves. This is what we want for you. If you recognise this desire – it’s meant for you too. Now is the time. Follow your heart. Try it and you will see. We look forward to seeing you!